At the Feitoria we work every day to provide you with unique moments and experiences that go far beyond dinner.

We put all our soul and dedication in all the dishes that we made and in the way that we received it so that all your senses awake.

With rigor, imagination and sincerity.


Andre was just 21 when he started as a chef, and was part of the initial team at Feitoria. At the time, although still very young, Andre’s CV already boasted experience with Chef Bertilio Gomes at Virgula Restaurant and at Bica do Sapato, which is run by Chef Paulo Pinto. Andre has a degree from the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Estoril and, having been a chef at Feitoria for 5 years, decided to take a break and embark on a cooking adventure in South America to further embellish his credentials. He worked in highly regarded restaurants such as Gustu in Bolivia, Borago, the best in Chile (according to The World’s 50 Best Restaurants guide), where he learnt the importance of sustainability, the proximity with producers, contact with the raw material, and respect for the product and its essence. These are concepts which he carefully applies today under the guidance of Chef Joao Rodrigues.


Andre’s daily challenge is to harmonise the creations of Chef Joao Rodrigues with the best wines, without overlapping the flavours and the textures of the dishes. He has more than 15 year of experience in the industry, having started at The House of Vodka in 1990. His interest in wines arose years later in 2007, when at 39 Degraus under the command of Chef Luis Baena, who entrusted him with the leadership of the room team and expanding the wine list. At that time, Andre undertook two speciality courses in the technique of wine serving & sommelier at the School of Hospitality and Tourism in Estoril. He started at Feitoria in 2010 having previously been responsible for the service at Cafeteria Mensagem, another restaurant at Altis Belem Hotel & Spa..