Congratulations | The Other Stars

We want to congratulate all Chefs and their fantástic teams, whose restaurants have won one or two Michelin Stars. The Lasarte Restaurant in Barcelona was the only restaurant in the Michelin Guide Portugal and Spain 2017, to receive 3 Stars. At the last edition The Stars Route at Feitoria Restaurant, Chef Paolo Casagrande was one [...]

Feitoria wins Michelin Star for the 6th consecutive year

The Feitoria Restaurant won a Michelin Star for the 6th consecutive year in Portugal and Spain Guide 2017. Congratulations to the Chef João Rodrigues and all the fantastic team. Congratulations to all the teams of Restaurants in Portugal that yesterday also conquered stars.

Chef Kamilla Seidler | Best Latin Americas Female Chef | The World 50 Best

The Chef Kamilla Seidler’s Gustu Restaurant in Bolivia, which was in Lisbon last year in The Star Route event, invitated by João Rodrigues, was distinguished as the Best Latin Americas Female Chef by 50 The world best. Our congratulations to the Chef Kamilla and the entire team at Gustu for this fantastic distinction. For more [...]

Lisboa Mood | Madame Air France

Lisbon Mood, is the title of the editorial fashion and reportage of journalist Sabine Bouvet with 46 pages in the magazine Madame Air France which is in airports and all the company’s flights in September. Featured are João Rodrigues and the Feitoria Restaurant. Click here to see the complete magazine.

Feitoria Dinner | Virgílio Gomes

The experience of a degustation dinner at Feitoria Restaurant with Chef João Rodrigues in charge related by Virgílio Nogueira Gomes in his site, dedicated to gastronomy. Virgílio Gomes considered Feitoria Restaurant as a unforgettable experience for the creativity and quality of the culinary execution. And one more example that eating in a hotel is almost [...]

Jantar Nespresso | Galeria de Fotos

In the closing dinner of Nespresso Gourmet Weeks, the host Chef João Rodrigues with the invited Chef Alessandro Negrini prepared a creative dinner by 4 hands at Feitoria Restaurant, where coffee was the main ingredient. To see the gallery and find out the prepared dishes, please click in the photos.

Alessandro Negrini | Invited Chef Nespresso Gourmet Weeks

Alessandro Negrini is the guest chef that will accompany Chef João Rodrigues in the special closing dinner of Nespresso Gourmet Weeks on May 19th. Born in 1978 at Caspoggio, Italy, Chef Alessandro Negrini has graduated in culinary at the Hostelry School of Sondrio. His learning pathway took him to Hotel Palace in Saint Moritz in [...]